Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The End Of Opie And Jimmy

About 3 years ago, one of the most popular radio shows of all time, and my personal favorite, was ripped apart with the firing of Anthony Cumia. This week, the final limping leg was snapped off and the historic remains were buried when Opie announced that Jim Norton will continue to do mornings with SiriusXM. And the Opster spears to be looking for a new gig. He announced this news on his YouTube channel along with the fact that Jim would be joined by the very talented Sam Roberts. The boys got to respond this morning.
Jimmy started by noting that it would've been nice if he could've announced his new deal on his terms rather than hear it on Opie's YouTube channel. He went on to discuss a lot of things the fans already knew about some of the differences they were having. He added the new detail that Opie was trying to have Jim's day on the show reduced to 2 or 3 days a week. This seemed to bother Jim, as it would anyone, and he mentioned that he knows he is funny on the radio and didn't feel like it was right that he was apparently being phased out.
As for Opie's announcement of the Jim and Sam show, both guys claimed that isn't official yet. Jim finally signed his new SiriusXM contract last night but the details on the new show haven't been worked out. They both mentioned they didn't like the notion that Opie put out there, that they were sharks in the water just waiting to get rid of Opie. Opie was the one phasing Jimmy out and Norton pointed out that neither guy was enjoying doing radio together. Sam Roberts showed his gratitude for everything Opie has done for him, but also metioned they haven't had much of a friendship since Anthony left the show. And the last noteworthy comment came after the discussion. This might be the fanboy in me reading into things. But they went on to talk about Tump wouldn't admit to sniffling during the debate Monday night. Jim added that it's very frustrating to deal with someone who can't admit they're the problem. Either a nice jab at Opie, or total coincidence. Prior to that Jim said he didn't want to be on the same channel as Opie so there would be no chance of Opie having any control over him. When a caller suggested Jim call and reach out to Opie, Jim expressed 0 interest in the idea.
Personally I'm very excited for the Jim and Sam show. They have great chemistry together and Sam has a great understanding of the direction Jim is going and knows how to navigate with him. As for Opie, I'm glad he's done. He's taken a lot of shit from Opie and Anthony fans over the years. Some undeserved, some very well deserved. The guy built the 2nd greatest edgy talk show of all time. Without him, Anthony may still be in an attic knocking tin and who knows if Jimmy would be at the level in comedy he is now. Between the show itself and the comics they introduced me to, I've gotten more hours of entertainment from O and A than any other 1 thing. They had Burr and Louis CK on before anyone knew who they were and have had some of the best voices in comedy from the days of Norton, Di Paolo, Patrice O'Neal and Colin Quinn all the way to new guys like Mark Normand and Pete Davidson. But the guys personality off the air has driven away now two brilliant radio personalities and by all accounts, fair guys to work with. On The Anthony Cumia Show on Anthony said that years ago, Opie didn't want Ron Bennington on their channel who is a hilarious guy. His lack of confidence and need for attention was getting in the way of the product. Opie would often respond to criticism by saying the show has passed you by. But I think the real problem was the audience has passed him by.
I'm excited to hear what Jim and Sam do together and I hope this opens the door for Jim and Anthony to work more together. I've subscribed to Anthony's show since SiriusXM fired him and he does a great show on his own. As for Opie, I don't know what he'll end up doing. But for now brother man, your mom's box.

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