Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Remind Me Why I Criticized This Red Sox Team

All year this Red Sox team has frustrated me. I get mad at the idiotic moves John Farrell makes, I bash David Price every time he gives up a lead, and I scream about how bad the bullpen. But somehow, they've become a team with no flaws. They've got at least 3 guys that deserve a Gold Glove at their position, the front runner for Cy young and MVP. A legitimate 2nd pitcher and 2nd MVP candidate. Two of the greatest turn around stories in franchise history. They've got young stars and respected veterans. They've got guys who dance in the outfield and drop visible F bombs on the mound. And the bullpen seems to be coming around. What's not to love. Sure, they have 3 guys in the rotation who are complete wild cards, a couple in the bullpen that make me beat my couch like it's CM Punk, and an absolute boob for a manager. But if this were the Patriots I'd be ignoring those flaws and fellating them on Twitter every night.
So my message today is this. I won't stop calling the manager a buffoon when he makes one of his idiotic decisions. I will still be puzzled as to how Clay Bucholz has made it 10 years here when he implodes. But I'll stop calling this the most frustrating team I've ever watched. They're maybe the funnest to watch. And I'll be one of the few who watch them over the Patriots when they're on at the same time in October.

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