Monday, September 12, 2016

An Apology Letter To Football Fans

This is an apology to football fans outside of New England. I am truly sorry. For years we have watched a perfect entity, posing as a mere human, playing quarterback. Last night we saw a mere mortal and it was, even for me, eye opening. Don't get me wrong, Jimmy G did a fine job. Good enough to win. But he has something Patriots haven't witnessed in 16 years. Flaws. Now, we did have the one year Brady was out for the season. But we were still in a David Tyree haze and couldn't really take it in. These four weeks will be good for us. We get to feel how the other half lives. In fact, now it's amazing to me that regular people have won Super Bowls while Tom is around. So to anyone I have shit talked over the last decade and a half, while TB12 left a trail of  I am deeply sorry. You guys have done a swell job considering the hand you've been dealt. I've walked a mile in your shoes now. And nd they weren't comfortable. As for Pats fans, Jimmy G does have Tom bet in one category. Handsomeness. Just stare into those dreamy eyes and tell yourself it'll all be over soon.

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