Saturday, September 24, 2016

Are The Red Sox Winning Too Much?

Hear me out. Is it possible that the Red Sox got too insanely hot too early to keep it up through the playoffs? I mean, they've been inconsistent most of the year. Bucholz is their 3 starter and it wasn't long ago I was calling him hot garbage. Price sucked for half the year and sucks in the playoffs. The bullpen has been great but I still cringe when a starter leaves a close game. I'm just afraid the pendulum may be swinging back the other way. They've been SO dominant that it scares me. They will probably have home field advantage which helps them. But it's so much time. They've got another week of baseball before the playoffs start. The only thing that eases my mind is that Porcello, Ortiz, Betts and Pedroia really have never hit a rough patch.
I don't wanna be a buzz kill or look like I'm pulling a Tony Mazz and just trying to get a reaction. I've just felt a rollercoaster of emotions this season. I've never loved and hated a team more times. This Red Sox team is like a crazy girl. When I'm getting what I want from her, it's unbelievable. But when it goes bad I smash my phone and curl up in the fetal position and wonder how I got here. I'm probably being crazy. But when the John Farrell for manager of the year talk started, I had to stop and at least question what world I was living in.

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