Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Blind TV Review-Atlanta on FX

Here's the trailer

So if you're like me and LOVE Donald Glover as Troy on Community, his stand up special, Weirdo, and as a writer on 30 Rock, this ain't that. This is Childish Gambino. It's about coming up in, what the kids call, the rap game. A lot darker tone than Community or 30 Rock and more social commentary. I know, sounds like a bummer. I went in with that mentality anyways. BUT I've said for years, Donald Glover is top 5 in multi-talented guys on the planet. Kid can act. I should say, Man can act. I always thought of him as my age because of Community but in Atlanta he's an almost homeless father... I don't wanna oversell the dark tone. It's funny too. Troy and Abed would get their asses kicked in the new world Donald Glover's created but it is pretty funny. I wasn't gasping for air but I don't know if a TV pilot has ever done tht to me. I hope my message is clear. Just watch the trailer and know what you're watching before you go in expecting some silly comedy.

GRADE; B- with solid potential to improve

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