Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Media Is At Fault For Dividing This Country

I've had enough of my nights interrupted by tragedy. I realize it's a nice First World problem to have as I complain from the couch, but it's just one after another. And I think it's far overdue for the media to take responsibility for this. Their political leanings and sensationalizing of every story has divided this country, worse than it's been in my short lifetime at least. The misrepresentation of facts and misleading headlines have done such an injustice to the public that now it's resulted in pinning black people vs. white and turned the deaths of both cops and citizens into political issues used to boost candidates poll numbers.
I've exhausted myself defending cops. Not for the cases that are lead news stories. But for all the cases that aren't. Cops are people. Some are amazing at their job and some are terrible. Some are the most progressive people you'll ever meet and, yeah, some are racist. But most importantly, some are well trained at their job and some just aren't. But this idea that there's an army of White Power skinheads scouring the streets for innocent young black men to murder is absurd. And if the media had any balls they'd admit that's what they want you to believe. Instead of starting a discussion on police training reform across the country, which is a perfectly legitimate discussion, they'd much rather instill fear in the average viewer or reader that won't dig any deeper and just believe what they hear.
And I realize the other side is to blame too. Fox News would much rather put show you some ignorant person on the street in order to make Black Lives Matter look like a gang of rogue idiots and criminals, rather than put someone on who can articulate their point. But with the mass media it leans so heavily to one side that Fox looks like the lone idiots. When in reality the far left and the far right are the same idiots arguing against themselves.
There was a time, long before I was born and before cable news, that news broadcasts and articles were based in fact. Now with social media, reporters don't have time to look into those silly facts. And with my generation of mosquito attention-spanned idiots, we don't have time to look further into stories. We're too busy talking about ourselves. They know their audience. They know they can say whatever they want and won't get called out on it. Because it's way cooler to tweet an outrageous story than be a nerd and look up what actually happened.
Last night I heard Don Lemon on CNN blame misleading social media headlines for the unrest in Charlotte. Sorry Donny. But that's on you. And your colleagues. You've pinned black people and cops against each other. You've made it so that anyone who thinks black people may have rougher dealings with cops than I'll ever realize, is a looney liberal. And anyone who thinks, for the most part, cops do a pretty amazing job at protecting and serving us, a racist. So if Don Lemon and the rest of these, so called, journalists want the facts out there, start reporting them.

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