Monday, September 19, 2016

Complaints About The Emmy's

First of all, I didn't watch because the Red Sox were ripping the Yankees hearts out. So I can't speak to how Kimmel did or how nauseating any of the speeches were. But a lot of the winners I didn't even know. The comedy categories seemed to all be deserving. The beautiful JLD as Selina Meyer in Veep is awesome. Veep won as a show. I personally would've gone with Master Of None or Silicon Valley, but no problem with Veep. And Aziz won for writing on Mater Of None. All well deserved. But can someone tell me why Transparent is considered a comedy. Every time I hear anyone from that show, they're patting themselves on the back for what a serious issue they're taking on. That's fine. But I don't like a comedy that shoves an issue down your throat and scolds you for not being progressive enough. Sounds really funny though huh. Call it a drama if you want. But Thomas Middlevich from Silicon Valley does an amazing job with that character. And I don't know how much this is considered in that category, but he's actually funny.
For the drama's, I'm bias toward Better Call Saul but this season was a little slow. However, Jonathan Banks as Mike carries that show on his back. He's so good, even in scenes where he doesn't speak. Game of Thrones seemed to take a llot home. Can I say how sick of hearing about that show I am. I refuse to watch it because no one ever sells me on it. If you asked me how Breaking Bad is, I could talk to you all day convincing you to watch it. Anytime people tell me I NEED to watch Game of Thrones is there are a lot of boobies and they kill main characters off. To quote Aziz I have the internet, because things are going pretty well. So I have access to hours of footage of breasts. I don't nee to sit through an hour of backstory to get there. And when you always kill off main characters, the element of surprise is taken away.
My last ct is with all the focus on race and gender. I clicke over a few times between innings and every time someone was being commended, not for their work, but their work as a, insert race or gender, person. That turns their accomplishment into something lesser. Like the important white people that make the decisions are throwing them a bone and allowing them to get an award. When I watch Master Of None, I think, wow, Aziz created an amazing show. Not an amazing show for a minority. An I find Julia Louis-Dreyfus hilarious. Not hilarious for a woman. Once we stop beating everyone over the head with these divisive subcategories, they will go away.
On a much more positive note, Patton Oswalt won for his Netflix special. Very well deserved. Brilliantly written.

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