Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I'm Taking Back Twitter For The Good Guys

For anyone who couldn't use context clues, Patton Oswalt tragically lost his wife earlier this year. He's also one of the great stand ups working today. @Pi4noBl4ck is n anonymous pussy who sits at his computer punishing his rotten pecker to his former classmates Facebook photos, attacking comedians on Twitter, and wondering what could've been. My request from those of you reading this is to just annoy the bejesus out of this pussy.
Now before you call me a hypocrite for attacking someone for saying simple words, this is why it's different. I defend people who are having their livelihood threatened for giving an opinion. I don't think this guy should lose his job for being a cunt. I don't want him banned from Twitter. Patton is a big boy and doesn't need some idiot wanna-be blogger defending him. But everyone always tells me free speech comes with consequences. I think the consequence for using a fake name and saying awful shit to people that you'd never say to their face, should be getting the equal treatment from a larger group of assholes.
Your last point might be, why give this twerp attention. That's what he's going for. Because at first they love it, but in the end it's not the attention they want. I get this to a much less vicious extent with the blind thing. We've developed a world where the cunts who wanted to be tough guys now can be, without the risk of getting their jaw shattered. Maybe my approach isn't the best. But I was raised on Opie and Anthony and I was groomed by David Portnoy. If I learned anything from them, it's this. When someone fires a spitball at you, fire back with a machine gun. Let's ruin this little bitch's week.

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