Thursday, September 15, 2016

I Like Colin Powell More Now

I like knowing that Colin Powell talks like a regular dude. I think if more politicians showed a non-robotic side they wouldn't have to deal with Trump sashaying past them as he leaves them a shell of who they started as. I'm not saying every politician should get on stage and talk about dicking bimbos. But the reason Trump was able to disrobe guys like Jeb Bush is because he'd come at them like a regular guy and they'd overheat and malfunction. I'm not the biggest Trump  fan in the country but he exposed these career politicins as people who learned how to speak like politicians without having to backup their words. This email from Colin Powell shouldn't be embarrassing for him, it should be humanizing. The media should be less concerned about guys who, at times, talk like a bit of a douchebag and worry more about exposing someone with a trail of bodies in their wake and the health of a 3rd act Brian Picolo. But words are much more important than actions to this generation so we will continue to focus of dicking bimbos rather than the meat of what Colin Powell was saying.

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