Thursday, September 22, 2016

I Tlalked My Uber Driver Off The Ledge

As you probably assumed, I rely heavily on public transportation. Usually a pain in the ass. But once in a while it takes me on a magical journey through the life of a creature, most people only observe from afar. The uber driver.
On Tuesday of this week, I was heading back to my old stomping grounds of Braintree, MA. So I order an uUber. When Fabricio accepted my request, I assumed we were nothing more than business partners. Two men engaging in a transaction only to part ways and never meet again. Little did I know we were about to become a whole lot more. were embarking on a brotherhood.
The ride starts out, seemingly, like any other. He asks if I'm Mike, I say yes, we exchange pleasantries. He noticed I was going to Braintree and notes that he in fact, lived in Braintree. I mention that I also once lived there. This was all Fabricio needed to hear to know he had a friend.
After our very deep, 3-4 sentence conversation, we hit a lull. The car fell silent. I put on my headphones on and turn on the Legion of Skanks podcast to avoid being with my own thoughts. Maybe 2 minutes go by and Fabricio, with no more setup than this, utters these words "Yeah, so, my wife is leaving me". I pause the podcast, remove my headphones, and get comfortable.
He proceeds to tell me that his wife is now living with another man. Now he admits he was verbally abusive. But this all stems from insecurity he got from his first wife being untrustworthy. and manipulative. I diagnosed these as common issues I've witnessed a lot in my career taking Uber's. He knows they still love each other but isn't sure if the best thing for both of them is to moe on. Boy do I know that game.
He continues to poor his soul to me for another 10-15 minutes. There was enough traffic that day that we could really do some exploring. But at a point, the conversation fell silent again. Very similar to the one that started the ride. That silence was broken by Fabricio pointing to a house and saying "That's where I lived in Braintree". Our relationship came full circle.
We pulled up to my destination. Our time came to an end. I wished my new friend well, we exchanged numbers, and I went on my way. Five stars wasn't enough to describe my experience.

So no one worries about my safety, I didn't really give him my number. But I like to think, when the time is right, we will meet again.

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