Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I Want Bart Hubbuch Fired

Yesterday Bart Hubbuch deleted his Twitter after obviously the New England Patriots have never had a black quarterback. I guess suggesting, either the organization or the region is littered with racists shunning every African American player that's ever come through here. Let me back up. If you don't know who Bart Hubbuch is, it's because you're a person. He allegedly writes for the New York Post and moonlights as a sniveling,, cowardly, Twitter troll who has spoken many hateful I things about a large group of people in this country. And I want him fired.
Now I want to be clear. Bart said something idiotic, hateful, and really, at it's core, bigoted. He used a real problem of racism to manipulate the uninformed into attacking a group he doesn't like. He's a race baiting pussy who has no interest in helping the oppressed but instead uses the same hateful tactics on others. He's a coward and I want him to lose his job. But for none of these reasons.
It's your right as an American do say whatever dumb shit you want. And someone who is paid to tive their opinion, it's an expectation. If I knew nothing of this toad, I'd have no interest seeing his demise. In fact I encourage it. As long as the idiots on the other side are allowed to spew their nonsense as well. I want Bart fired because I know who he is.
About a year ago Bart Hubbuch tried to get Kirk Minihane of WEEI and CSNNE fired for a joke he made about Roger Goodell. Hubbuch edited the joke to make Minihane look bad and then reported it as fact. To me, that's one of the most cowardly things you can do. So I woul love nothing more than to learn that Bart Hubbuch's career has been destroyed. Not for what he said. But because it's what he'd do to someone in the same position.

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