Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I'm Out On My Own

Well it had to end sooner or later. I was, for just over a year, Blind Mike, Self proclaimed Executive Intern at Barstool Sports. Now I'm just an unemployed douchebag who thinks the world still needs to hear from him. But not having a job won't stop me. In fact, now that I've got nothing but time on my hands, and no one to stop my shitty writing from getting posted, you'll be hearing a lot from me. My podcast, The B Squad with Blind Mike, will finally get back to it's regular once a week schedule. And, back by unpopular demand is my glorious writing. Deemed by some to be too unreadable for even the Barstool Sports audience. But hey, how many of you have had a multi-millionaire criticize your work? That's a win where I come from.
This blog will not be anything fancy, at least to start. It's certainly not my way of trying to compete with anyone (as if I could). It's really just a way for me to get my dumb opinions out there and see what people think. Maybe I'll prove some people wrong or be exactly what you expect. Or, far more likely, you'll have a front row seat for the final stage of a young blind boys mental breakdown. Let's roll the dice

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