Friday, September 16, 2016

In Honor Of The Emmy's; 5 Greatest Femle Sitcom Characters of All Time

The Emmy's are Sunday so I wanted to put a few lists of the greatest shows and characters of all time. And before my boy Rear Admiral and the other TV historians give me shit for not including I Love Lucy or anything from the silent era, this is my personal list. I'm a young boy so this is a young mans list. So really, I shouldn't say all time. We'll go the last quarter-century or so.

5. Marie Barone
Since it overlapped with Seinfeld and Friends, I feel like Everybody Loves Raymond was pretty underrated.  It was more original than the average family, laugh track sitcom that came out around that time. Marie the qualities of every mom that jus annoy you to no end. I also think she's up on my list because my grandparents essentially were Frank and Marie Barone so their interaction is hilarious to me.

4. Britta Perry
The most underrated character on the most underrated comedy of the last decade. You never see a show make the hot blonde the butt of every joke but Gillian Jacobs was great at being THE WORST. She was every hipster that thinks they believe in something. I know this will be the one people argue with me but it will probably be people that never watched Community. Go do that.

3. Lucile Bluth
Years ago this would've been a hot take but Arrested Development finally got the respect it deserved. I loved Marie Barone because she was America's mom but I love Lucile for the complete opposite reason. She's the mom hopefully nobody has but is just pure hilarious. Her teaching Lindsay that wine turns into alcohol if you let it sit too long is something I quote all the time.

2. Elaine Benes
Because of how historic George and Kramer's characters were on Seinfeld, Elaine gets overlooked. Elaine's stories in most episodes were on par or better than everyone elses. Especially in the later seasons. As a side note, I've never witnessed a human being get better looking every year they're on the planet the way JLD has. Scary. Regardless as the funniest woman on the best sitcom ever, she obviously makes the list.

1. Liz Lemon
Another underrated show that I think has started to get its due is 30 Rock. Not often before this did you see a femle lead that was such a mess. Also the fact that Tina Fey also wrote such a self deprecating character gave her the edge over everyone else in my mind.

Honorable Mentions
Kimmy Schmidt-Just Hasn't been around long enough yet.
Annie Edison-Love her but Bbitta for the win
Pam Besley-Pam is the girl of my dreams but she got hurt by the show going downhill post Michael Scott.

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