Tuesday, September 27, 2016

John Farrell, 2 Time Division Winner

Not to JUMP to conclusions, but John Farrell is about to win his 2nd division in 4 years. Now this guy is a real straight shooter with Manager of the Year written all over him.
Maybe this means Farrell is some type of misunderstood genius. Or more likely, it means baseball managers just don't matter that much. But it can't be denied. Under Farrell's watch this season, everyone's TPS reports are in and they've been playing unbelievable. Especially the last month.
But I hope everyone understands what this means. He ain't going anywhere. And if they win the World Series, god help us. He'll be here until John Henry decides to call him a drug addict and kick him out the door. But we're going to have to tolerate this horrible in game managing for years to come now. Especially since it doesn't look like these kids are going back to last place for a while.
So we'll have to continue having the puzzled Peyton Manning face on as he brings in Kimbrel for 8 pitches in a blowout or completely forgetting what sport they're playing in an NL park.
So Joh, all I ask is this. We're gonna need ya to go ahead and stay out of the way. Accept the accolades and let this team win a World Series.
Oh and as far as putting Pablo Sandoval on the roster, he's a bare minimum flare guy. For example, look at Mookie, he wars 37 pieces of flare. But if you want a 15 piece of flare guy to ruin the chemistry, that's up to you.

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