Friday, September 9, 2016

Kneel All You Want, Just Not This Sunday

I genuinely don't care who stands for the National Anthem and who doesn't. Before all this Kaepernick nonsense, I'd guarantee most of these meatheads were thinking about the game and not what the flag means to them. But now it's become a way to, A. Take a real stance on an important social issue, or B.  Win the day on Twitter and be carried off on the shoulders of people who call themselves social justice warriors. Whatever your motives for doing , it was, it's your life. The other Brandon Marshall doing it last night had no impact on me. But the rest of the league should hold off until 9/12.
I don't have a lot of vivid memories from before I was 10...Really makes me wonder what I'm blocking out but we'll get to that another time. But one memory I do have is how people felt on September 11th. We all know how sad it was so I don't need to go into ESPN mode and tug at your heart strings. More than anything else it was the most historic effort by a group of cops and firefighters in this countries history. That day should, until the end of time, be a day to respect cops, firefighters and troops alike. If you don't want to stand for those putting their lives on the line today, do it for those who lost theirs back then.
Anyone who has the internet knows there's a lot of talk about a race issue with cops. I don't see it. But as anyone who has ever replied to me on Twitter will tell you, I don't see much. I used to exhaust myself defending cops, something I'll still do over a few wobbly pops. But enough black people have talked about a shared experience dealing with cops that I'll never have to deal with so there's obviously something to it. And if you feel kneeling or sitting or tap dancing during the National Anthem is representative of something bigger for you, I'm cool with that. And I realize it's tempting no matter your beliefs, to have a flock of media members and white knights on twitter pat you on the back. And in the social media age everyone needs instant gratification. But my request is simple. Just wait a day.

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