Saturday, September 17, 2016

Rick Porcello Has To Start Game 1

Maybe I'm being a negative Nancy focusing on this on another day the Red Sox ripped the Ynkees hearts out. But all yer I've had a tough time watching David Price. Even when he's going great, there's something about him that pisses me off. The guy HATES leads, first of all. Any time the Sox go up 1-0, 2-0 early, seems like it disappears the next inning every time. Maybe my man Big Jim Murray's impression has gotten in my head but I get a very Aw Shucks vibe from Price which probably is a big part of why he's had such struggles in the playoffs. Not going full straw man and saying Price has been awful and we need to get rid of him. I just Don't see him s THE guy.
That's why I'm all in on Porcello Game 1 of the playoffs. Red Sox will win the division. As much as they annoy the hell out of me with their inconsistency, I just don't think there's enough time for them to screw it up. So they should be able to set their rotation. Pretty Ricky is my guy. His competitiveness is way higher than Price. I just think he's got way more mental toughness. I say that about a guy with no real playoff track record but Price has one and it works against him. Porcello hasn't really pitched a bad game all year. That's how I view an ace. 6 months ago if we said Porcello was our best pitcher you'd have visions of Farrell and Dombrowski packing their bags. But that's where we re with a tem that's going to win over 90 games. Now of course Farrell will screw this up somehow and make this irrelevant. But until then, give the ball to Rick.

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