Wednesday, September 14, 2016

South Prk Is The Best Social Commentary We've Got

How did a cartoon, thrown together in 6 days, that's main characters are cursing 5th graders become the best, most fair and balanced social commentary we have in entertainment? The country can debate something for weeks and in less than a week of writing Trey Parker and Matt Stone are able to make both sides feel like assholes. People love to say how well SNL mocks current events. And Pete Davidson and Kate McKinnon will be HUGE stars. But that show almost goes out of it's way to let you know it's political leanings. South Park does a brilliant job of letting us all know what morons we are on these issues. I had an I Want Cheesy Poofs T-shirt when I was a kid and my mom wouldn't let me wear it around adults who knew what South Park was so people wouldn't think she was raising a monster. 15 years later, Eric Cartman is respected as one of the greatest characters ever.
Tonight's episode broke down the election,  Kaepernick shit, social media and perception of female comics in a brilliant way. Shit I try to articulate like I'm some political pundit but instead stutter and stammer to myself and just have another drink and go to sleep. In a time where late night TV has become middle aged white men playing duck, duck, goose with respected actors to make a viral video and the news is made up of either pseudo morning zoo crews or shock jocks, a cartoon is our greatest source of social commentary.
South  Park has done 20 wonderful seasons. So why Hollywood won't allow Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn to follow the Daily Show I'll never know. But that's a rant for another day. For now we should be thankful that at least South Park can do what they do.

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