Saturday, September 17, 2016

Top 5 Greatest Male Sitcom Characters

I'll say this to start. Archie Bunker is the real greatest sitcom character ever because that character di things in the 70's that our baby culture wouldn't allow now. And most of the characters on my list wouldn't be created without influence from Archie Bunker. But these lists are my lifetime. So we're throwing him off the boat.

5. Dennis Reynolds
This will upset some people because people think of Charlie and Frank as the best Always Sunny gang members. But I think Dennis' slow descent into full on psychopath is unlike anything that's ever been in a si, com. I also think Glenn Howardton is the best comedic actor of his day. Really how anyone on that show hasn't been nominated for an Emmy will irk me, maybe even after I'm dead. But they can rest easy knowing at least one of them made my list.

4. Michael Scott
I wasn't sure if Michael was going to make my list. because he's so closely based off David Brent from the original Office. But Michael lasted 7 24 episode seasons and there were some mediocre episodes in that time, that character pretty much always remained funny. And I think most people my age would consider The Office our generations sitcom so the best character from that show had to make it.

3. Cosmo Kramer
I shouldn't have to defend this too much. If there's a video of you angrily hurling N bombs at black people an I can still watch you and laugh, you've developed an amazing character. There are other characters I thought about putting ahead of him but the more I thought about it, a lot of them were inspired by Kramer's mysterious, hipster-doofus appeal.

2. Kenny Powers
The greatest asshole ever created. So much so that Danny McBride essentially played this character in 4 seasons of Eastbound and Down, ThisIs The End and now his new show, Vice Principals and no one hs gotten tired of it.

1. George Costanza
I would've loved to make some controversial number 1 that people could argue about but in the end I had to do what ws right. George is the greatest sitcom character of my life. He inspired a generation of characters with no morals or redeeming qualities. Seinfeld never tried to teach you anything. It was pure comedy. This ws an easy decision.

Honorable mentions
Abed Nadir-Very unique character and another guy I'm amazed was never nominated for an Emmy but just not at the level of these guys.
Ron Swanson-At his peak, one of my favorite characters ever. But there was sort of a Fonzi thing with him where he almost became superhuman.
Jack Donaughey- Love the character. Almost switched him with Dennis Reynolds based on Alec Baldwin's amazing acting.

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