Sunday, September 18, 2016

Top 5 Greatest TV Shows

Again, this is just from shows created in my lifetime so the last quarter-century.

5. The Wire
The Wire is consistently named one of the 3 best drama's EVER. Yet somehow it never even got nominated for an Emmy. So on the day of the Emmy's I only felt it right to give them an equal honor of making my list. In Always Sunny's mocking the Emmy's episode they gave a not to The Wire saying black bars just don't get awards but the Blind Side list sees no color. It also gave us two of my favorite actors, Michael K. Williams and Michael B. Jordan.

4. South Park
Most people would say if a cartoon makes the list it's The Simpsons because they were first. And they did open the door for adult primetime animated series. There's no Family Guy without The Simpsons. But the shows been on 20 fucking years too long. Or so I hear. I wouldn't know because I, like the rest of the country haven't been paying attention. South Park has now done 20 seasons and gotten better. It turned into the greatest form of social commentary we have. And at their peaks South Park was just funnier.

3. Breaking Bad
My favorite show ever but I put my bias aside and let it sit in the 3 spot. Both Walter White and Gus Fring were two of the greatest villains ever created. Vince Gilligan created 6 characters in that show that got actors Emmy nominations and Dean Norris as Hank should've been the 7th. It was good enough to have Better Call Saul spin off of it and that too is a great drama.

2. Seinfeld
Pretty obvious choice for best comedy. it ended 117 years ago and kids in high school still become Seinfeld fans. It holds up years later and never hit a lull. Most comedies jump the shark after 4 or 5 seasons but they went out on top. I would almost say Curb Your Enthusiasm is funnier at times but I really just consider it one show.

1. The Soprano's

I had no choice. Without Tony Soprano we don't get characters like Walter White, Don Draper and others. My big thing with this list was shows that never fell off in quality. Some people would say The Soprano's went through some rough patches. And I hated the finale at the time. But until stupid David Chase said Tony lived, it left you to make up your own ending in your mind and wonder what happened. It got better the more you thought about it. And it really just changed TV. Before The Soprano's there was never a drama on television with movie quality writing and production. Now all the best writing is done on TV. The Soprano's started that.

Honorable Mentions
Friday Night Lights-A personal favorite but not the same level of quality.
Mad Men-If we expanded the list it would've made it. Just got too boring at times.
30 Rock-I honestly think the 2nd best written sitcom in my lifetime.

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