Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Trent Dilfer's Kaepernick Comments Were Exactly What ESPN Needs

Apparently some people were annoyed by these comments from Trent Dilfer. So much so that Colin Keapernick an other 49ers responded to it. And I will admit, it shocked me. But not for the same reason everyone else is talking about it. I was stunned that there was a good debate aired on ESPN. I almost spit out my cheerios Sunday morning when Randy Moss and Dilfer were going back and forth on this. I was shocked. Randy Moss made some good points, not all of which I agreed with. Trent Dilfer responded with something more along my line of thinking. This was so strange to me. I kept refreshing Twitter to see if they dragged Dilfer out for a public beheading.
My own opinion leans toward Dilfer. I think last night would show it's obviously not a crippling distraction but if you believe distractions exist then this is one. It's a story centered around  backup quarterback that's been discussed on CNN. The reason the Patriots don't answer even the most generic questions is because Wild Bill wants the focus on football. You can argue the impact that has on the actual game, but the focus in San Francisco is not on football.
I also don't think I'm right about everything. Randy, s Patriots do, made a couple points I wasn't awre of. It made me think. I hope Dilfer did that for people on the other side of the issue. That's what those shows are supposed to be. My whole point with Paul Finebaum was how silly an apology ws when a debate would do so much more. Very liberal people constantly say we need an open dialogue on these issues. What they men is, we need more outlets for their opinions to be heard. And anyone opposing them is hateful, ignorant and should be out of a job. Hope Dilfer doesn't back down. It was a rare 2 minutes I ws entertained by anything outside a game on ESPN.

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