Sunday, September 11, 2016

The NFL-The Cheapest Drug There Is

Why do we bother complaining about the way the NFL operates. We do nothing about it. They've got us hooked. Every spring we think we're clean, but come September we're tugging at Goodell's belt just begging him for a taste. Goodell is a less lovable Walter White. He may do some awful things and one day it will catch up to him. But for now he's still buying Walter Jr. Lambo's and blowing them up in parking lots, just cuz he can. Yesterday I was on the phone with Comcast buying NFL RedZone. I legitimately felt like I was selling my body for a dime bag. But hey, I can stop at any time man. I just don't feel like it. Because I'm not selling my body. I'm not doing any physical harm to myself or oved ones. I'm just completely selling out my morals and beliefs. And that, I can live with. So light em up today boys. Let's get zooted. I'll see y back at rehab in February.

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