Tuesday, September 27, 2016

When Did Donald Trump Become A Racist?

How did everyone know Trump was a racist before me. I tweeted this thought last night and everyone told me I wasn't paying attention. Where were these people? How was this racist monster allowed to have a primetime reality show on a national, liberal network? Who gave this modern day slave owner the ability to run the Miss America contest for decades? And how come this great oppressor wasn't stopped from slapping his name on giant buildings in the biggest city in the country? But I guess that's not fair of me. All of these astute observers were writing letters to NBC and boycotting the network. Obviously none of them ever watched the Miss America pageant out of disgust. And I have no doubt those people were outside Trump towers, protesting this bigot. And I know none of them would ever live there.
Look, Donald Trump's a boob. He's an ego-maniacal, attention whore. But unless you've redefined the term racist, he doesn't fit it. He says dumb shit and he also says things that have been things wildly taken out of context by the media. And some of those things, unfortunately, get the ignorant, true racists all fired up. But to suggest all people that vote Trump are RACIST is outrageous and the same type of prejudice, thoughtless generalization people accuse Trump of making.
I'm not voting for Trump because I'm not voting for either candidate. But what I like about him has nothing to do with a deep seeded bigotry. I like that Trump represents a private citizen coming in and stepping all over career politicians. They didn't know how to handle him. If we had more of that, we wouldn't get the same retreads in office who know how to play politics rather than get anything done. He's a symbol of shaking things up. Which is why I'd vote Libertarian if Gary Johnson wasn't a propeller hat wearing dope.
We now use the term racist to shut people down. It takes away from people who have and still do endure true racism. By shouting racist from the building tops, people are only making the term meaningless. Once reserved for the truest form of scumbag, it is now thrown out to anyone who doesn't use the right term or makes a joke on Twitter. So maybe it's my fault for not realizing Trump was a diabolical racist years ago. Or maybe we just changed the definition.

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