Thursday, September 8, 2016

Why Trevor Siemian Will Be A Disaster In Denver

I don't understand this idea that the Broncos could win with me at quarterback. The Super Bowl champs started training camp with Mark Sanchez and two Madden draft simulated names competing for quarterback. And yeah, I realize Mark Sanchez sucks but they cut the only guy with a full game of experience because he makes more than $8.50 an hour. Look, the Broncos defense is good. In the playoffs last year they were historically good. But people like to point to how bad Peyton Manning was last year as a reason why they'll go back to the Super Bowl with the living members of The Golden Girls rotating at QB. I think Betty White is the only one still alive but I thought it was an ok line, so get off my ass. Point is, Osweiler played half their regular season games last year and he wasn't Willie Beamen, but he was okay. And Peyton was mediocre in the playoffs but he didn't make any dumb mistakes. People love getting on their knees for Elway, and he has done a great job. But starting a guy at the most important position with 0 experience and having a guy with less experience back him up is more than balls, it's arrogance. The Broncos will win their division but Trevor Siemian will cost them games and probably home field. And yeah, I realize the Patriots are starting the seson in the same boat but they have the greatest man to ever step on a football field coming back Week 5 so shut the fuck up.

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