Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Would The Patriots Even Be Able To Keep Jimmy G If They Wanted To?

I wrote a blog after week 1 saying Garappolo looked good, but he's no Brady. Well before he got hurt in Sunday's game, I was getting a case of the vapors. I needed to fan myself off. I was developing feelings for another quarterback. Now look, I understand it's a game and a half. But that's all you need in today's NFL to make enough to buy a small country. So the debate is already starting. Do you trade Jimmy and score 10 first round picks and the deed to the stadium from some dumb team like the Browns, or do the unthinkable and unthinkable GOAT Tom Brady.
It's a cool sports talk debate to fill time and I'm all for it. But here's something I haven't heard asked yet. Would Jimmy G even want to be here. Sure, it'd be great to start your career with the most well run organization in football. But Tom Brady has done something not many guys have been willing to do. Take less money for the team. I realize Tom makes much more than his cap number indicates. But there's a reason bums like Joe Flacco and Andy Daulton are rich men. People are idiots. GM's in the NFL would throw me like 15 mill guaranteed if I could somehow close my eyes and put together a good half of football.
No one ever makes what .they could get elsewhere in New England. Some guys are willing to trade that for winning. But we don't know anything about Jimmy. Aside from the fact that he has eyes that could melt steel. Maybe he wants to cash in before his brain turns to CTE mush and he gets lost in his living room. I'm not saying it's a guarantee he'll chase the dollars. I just know for a fact he won't get it here.

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