Thursday, October 20, 2016


As a guy that idolized the type of show Howard Stern once did, I look up to him in a lot of ways. One thing I never respected was the complete fraud he's become. He's been that way for a long time. It's just taken a while for people to notice. There's literally a video of him in black face, dropping N bombs at Robin, as part of a bit. He called Ellen DeGeneres a cunt on many occasions. Now he tells her he loves her dancing and won't use certain naughty language on his program. Artie going in on him like this was long overdue.
I was an Opie and Anthony guy over Stern for a lot of reasons. One big one is the gag order he put on them. In the early 200's when Opie and Anthony were number 1 in the afternoons and bashing Stern, Stern fought back. Usually he was able to crush other shows but O and A were talented enough to go back and forth with him. So, instead of allowing a real rival to develop, Howard cried to his bosses. Something he mocked other shows for. The two shows were on different stations at the time but both were owned by CBS. So Howard demanded the company put a gag order on Opie and Anthony, where they weren't allowed to even utter his name on-air. Years later, when Howard finally admitted it after years of denying it he said he was for free speech. But only his free speech.
Before Anthony got fired, the Opie and Anthony Show were also, ironically, doing a bit called the Apology Clock. Where they would see how long they could make it without a phony apology in response to fake public outrage. They didn't make it a day, during that time. If Howard did anything like that, with a larger audience. it would've been a great attack on the PC Police. Instead he became the type of guy he bashed for years. Someone who loved being part of the Hollywood elite. , it was a great to celebrity parties where he's said awful things about the guests he now calls friends.
Artie Lange was a huge part of Howard's show for years. Now he's been tossed aside like Gilbert, Jackie the joke man Martling, Stuttering John and others. Guys Howard used to build the show, then tossed away when he was done with them. Artie was fiercely loyal to Howard for a long time. Hopefully he's not going off like this for any reason other than being tired of Howard's bullshit. Either way it was long overdue.