Monday, October 24, 2016


I've always known Joe Rogan was the fuckin' man. I listen to his podcast and he has the ability to make me understand kooks like Jesse Ventura. When I smoke weed, I giggle at an episode of BoJack Horseman and doze off. Joe Rogan does it, is able to articulate why it should be legal, and trains in Jujitsu. He was in a 90's sitcom with Andy Dick and is the voice of UFC. He's a multitalented, interesting dude. But I never was huge on his stand up, until today.
His special, Triggered, came out on Netflix last Friday. I just got to it to night and it's by far his best shit. He talks about all the stuff that annoys me but I'm too dumb to articulate. He breaks down the election in a brilliant way. People will say it's dated because when he filmed it, Bernie was still in the race but if you can relax your mosquito attention span for a minute and realize that, it's still completely relevant. He does a lot of what he's best at, pot talk. Not just talking about weed but the type of shit you think about when you smoke. He does a great job of doing what comedians are supposed to do. It's tough to really review comedy beyond funny or not funny, but I just wanted to turn a few people on to it who may have not known it was out.
Bill Burr-I'm Sorry You Feel That Way and Dave Chappelle-Killing Them Softly are my two favorite specials of all time. So using the scale where those are 10's, I give Joe Rogan-Triggered an 8.4. Really turned me around on his stand up.

-UPDATE-I said Teddy Roosevelt instead of FDR. I'm a true moron.

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