Monday, October 10, 2016

Donald Trump Just Can't Be President

Before I bash this complete buffoon, I'll step down off my high horse for a second to say this. Guys have all talked shit. Men are, in fact, pigs. The amount of douchebags I've heard say shit like this is endless. They're not rapists. They're just meatheads whose dad's taught them if you have a real emotion you're queer. I could actually make the argument that that these type of comments are more homophobic than sexist because it's usually just guys so terrified of coming off as gay that they need you to know they love the pussy.
My real problem with his comments are how he responded to the outrage. I'm the least PC guy in the world. And if he was getting fired from his TV show for saying this, I'd defend them. Because while I hate guys that NEED to let you know what guys they are, I also know I talk shit too. And I think the market should dictate whether someone has irreparably damaged their brand, rather than the PC Mafia. But this guy wants to be President. It's tough for me to , not only wrap my mind around having a President that talks about just walking up to women and grabbing their pussies. But also responded by calling it locker room talk. His kids do a better job at explaining his points than he does. It's disgraceful that Republican candidates that have spent a career in politics lost to this ape. I was all in on Trump taking a shit on the way politics is run. But I just don't think we're ready for a man dealing with foreign leaders who would be considered a bit of a douche, even at the Gronkowski dinner table.

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