Sunday, October 2, 2016

Goodbye David Ortiz. The Greatest Red Sox Player Of All Time

Set all the sappy, NESN produced nonsense aside. Despite the montages set to funeral music, David Ortiz isn't dying. But even for a stone hearted, vacuum of emotion like me, this is a sad weekend. As a 25 year old, I only barely remember him not being on the Red Sox. So above all else, this is a real dagger in the heart for my childhood. Now half the team is younger than me. But this in't the time for my quarter-life crisis. It's a time to send off the greatest Red Sox player who ever lived.
The old folks can have Ted Williams if they want. But he never won a World Series, spit at the fans, barely had to face any non-white players, and now his heads in a freezer in Arizona. I kid because I love. Nothing but respect for Teddy ballgame. But what David Ortiz did for this franchise is so far above hitting .406. He turned a fan base of lovable losers and miserable pricks into winners. And while, in a way, I miss the days of chanting Yankees Suck as they're 12 games ahead of us in the division, champagne tastes a lot better. And baseball may be the toughest sport to carry a team by yourself but the 2013 World Series was the closest I've seen to it. And the 04 ALCS goes without saying. The guy is a straight up winner. Something baseball fans in Boston didn't recognize before he showed up.
The DH argument is bullshit. Don't invent the position if you refuse to acknowledge the guys playing it. The only real question about his career is steroids. And that's silly. I'm not one of these guys who will claim we don't know what he tested for. It obviously wasn't Flinstones vitamins. But it was on a list that contained 80 percent of the league. The fact that Bonds and Clemens aren't in the Hall Of Fame is a disgrace and I hope that doesn't hold Ortiz back. But something he has over those guys is his current play. He's maintained success in an era that everyone seems to think is completely clean of PED's. I have a theory that they're back in baseball but that's for a different day. Steroids are something I just don't care about and the fans who throw that out as a knock on Ortiz should look in the mirror at the guys they've rooted for.
The guy is clutch unlike any other. He's had the greatest final season, mabe of any professional athlete ever. And in a town that has Tom Brady, he still may be the most universally well liked guy here. So before my childhood officially dies, let's get David a 4th ring.

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