Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Racist Boston. The Last Group It's Cool To Stereotype

It's true guys. Everyone in Boston is racist. We're all drunken Irish thugs who fight, puke in the street, wear green and exclude others. Strange that most of my neighbors in Dorchester are black. I'll have to talk to the board and see whBetts. And o let them in. At least the link I attached is yet another article accusing Boston of being this type of place. America has taken out it's hatred for our racism on Tom Brady.
Let's ignore the facts for a second. Put out of your mind that the city was filled with blubbering babies during David Ortiz's retirement ceremony Sunday. Pretend a few miles own the road, the Patriots starting QB was white. I won't tell you that I have friends that name their dog after Mookie Betts. And we will assume that when Paul Pierce will be boo'd heavily when he comes back for his last game at the Garden. If we completely erase the last 20-30 years, then you've got a hell of a point.
To Jeff Pearlman's point, that the rest of the country thinks of Boston as a racist city, it's not because they had a bad weekend here. It's because race baiting articles like this are continuously written. It's because 40 years ago, they were bussing kids into the city and Tom Yawkey did his best to keep the Red Sox white. There was a horrible time for racism throughout this entire country. Thestigma never really left Boston and that's got a lot to do with the media.
Now, as a white guy, we have to sa this now. I've never lived a solitary second as a black person. Probably never will. So I don't know what it's like to live here, from that prospective. And I've only lived in this state, so I can't say what it's like anywhere else either. But two things I can say are absolute fact. The rest of the country hates Tom Brady because he's been to 6 Super Bowls. They hate him because he has a supermodel wife. They hate him because he plays for the the evil mastermind, Bill Belichick. They hate him because he's the greatest quarterback of all time and he's not theirs. It's got nothing to do with the Red Sox dragging their feet signing Pumpsy Greene. I also know that this was a shit place for guys like Bill Russell to play, which is despicable. But by comparison, the way Kevin Garnett was treated here would suggest times have changed. If you're white, black or a Martian from another galaxy, you will be aored if you help a team win a championship here, you'll be beloved like nowhere else in the country. Now if the race baiters need something to hang on to, I don't think the Bruins have ever had a black captain. Although, I'm no hockey scout, but I'm not totally sure that's their fault.

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