Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Baseball Is The Best Playoff Sport

I feel the need to spread the word on how good the MLB postseason has become. Baseball is probably my number 1 sport to watch. But I do understand why fewer and fewer kids are into it. It's fucking boring. I mean, every night there's a game with some horses ass on the mound tugging his jersey and adjusting his hat. There's way too many games which will never change because the owners are greedy. The players run the sport which makes it impossible for managers to have any control. And above all else, it's impossible to get the Twitter generation interested in a 3.5 hour meaningless game in May. But the postseason has become a great product that too much of the worl is missing.
I think everyone's instinct is to vote hockey for best postseason sport. But baseball is a sport that manages to filter out all the shitty games in the postseason which is so impressive because there's SO many.
All the old school guys argued that the Wild Card game shouldn't exist but it's added an element baseball has never had. It's always been rare to get a baseball game with the feel of a game 7. The Wild Card games are great, even for casual fans because you can jump into it for 1 night. That's why football's been so popular.
So the basic reason baseball is the best postseason sport is because they turn chicken salad into chicken shit. I love baseball. I've watched more baseball than I ever have. But as a fan it's annoying that they can't see their own problems and fix the extremely simple ones.

PS. There's also the sound of the crowd when there's a home run hit on FOX. I don't know what it it but it gets you fired up. I can't be the only one who notices that. Maybe I'm Charlie Day in the mailroom losing my mind. But listen closely and tell me if you notice.

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