Monday, October 31, 2016


Jamie Collins was traded for, what will essentially be, a 4th round pick. I'm going to skip the part where I call Belichick an idiot who doesn't know what he's doing, then in 3 months realize that I'm, in fact, the idiot for ever doubting him. It's happened too many times from Richard Seymour to Wes Welker to Mankins, Revis and so many others. I absolutely question the fact that they couldn't have gotten more in return. The guy was a beast who many, including me, thought he could eventually be the best linebacker in football. But we'll probably soon find that we all overrated him, Bill saw something we didn't, and we're all dummies. The definition of insanity is making the same mistake over and over and expecting a different result. I'm done making the insane decision of doubting Wild Bill, when he makes these seemingly ridiculous moves. The only thing it makes me wonder is, will the GOAT be next.
Jamie Collins is not Tom Brady. I'm not making that comparison. He's still the best guy at the most important position in sports. But when you look at the list of guys that everyone among fans and media still had a lot left, but Bill saw they didn't, what makes us think he views Tom any differently. To us he's a God that can't be touched. He's an adult man who wears Ugg's and eats avocado ice cream and we still admire him. He's a man who inspired a year and a half social media assault on anyone with the letters E-S-P-N in their bio, just for questioning him. He's a man with a jaw so chiseled...sorry, I'm getting myself worked up. Anyways, point being, he's all those things to fans, but Belichick keeps showing us, he doesn't think that way.
Every time this comes up people say, Brady's the one guy. But Jamie Collins is regarded as one of the best linebackers in football. You'll hear that spun differently the next few days, but it's true. Ty Law and Darrelle Revis were at the top of the league in corners when they each left the Patriots. Seymour, one of the best defensive ends, Welker, the best slot guy and so on. My point is, if this maniac/genius has made a decision on what he thinks Jimmy G is, we may be witnessing the final year and a half of Tom Brady. .
Maybe I'm overreacting but after last year, I thought Jamie Collins would be the centerpiece of that defense for 10 years. No way they'd let that guy go. But as most people do, Bill saw something I didn't. It seems silly to think a guy like that cares about the sentimental value of letting Tom finish his career here on his terms. You can call me an idiot if you want but really I'm a sage hero, trying to ease you into a life without Tom.

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