Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I don't know if anyone likes Nancy Grace. I assume she was able to keep a show on the air for 12 years because it was just hate porn for people who like to scream cunt at their television. So I was happy to hear this opportunist pig throw a little hissy fit and walk out on Jim and Sam this morning. I was a little annoyed they were pleasant to her when she walked in until I realized if you want a guest to sit own you can't just point and boo as they walk in the door. The best part is, they didn't ask anything outrageous. It's all shit people have criticized her for in the past. She tries to capitalize on tragedies and make cute, catchy hashtags out of them. Having to listened to Jim Norton for years, I knew she didn't stand much of a chance when she questioned his preparation. Norton's a very good interviewer and there's a difference between being unprepared and just not knowing part of a story, at times. Best line of the clip was at the end when Jim said, it's not like we're gonna kill ourselves after the interview. A reference to the 2 people who actually did kill themselves after being interviewed by Nancy Grace. Also Sam Roberts is pretty big in the WWE world so for her to questioned who he's talked to was pretty silly. If a former prosecutor couldn't handle the questioning of a comic and a radio guy, she probably made the right call getting out. Good job boys. The time to beat for a guest walk out is 12 minutes.

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