Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Pros And Cons Of Smashing Your Phone

This weekend I went back to my old stomping grounds, Westfield State, for Alumni Weekend. So when my phone smashed everyone assumed it was in some grand, booze fueled episode. Sadly the whole story was it slipped into my friends couch and cracked on the reclining mechanism. Drunk Mike thought he could put the engineering degree he gave himself to use and fix it. Sober Mike was threatening legal action on my friend, the property owner and Bob's Discount Furniture for allowing this tragedy. So for a couple days I ws without a phone. So I started noticing certain things that weren't so bad about being cut off from civilization.

PRO-I can't send drunken text messages. Drunk Mike thinks if he wants to text a girl, he can spit out the most beautiful poetry ever put to text. In reality, it's either complete nonsense or self loathing idiocy. Keeping that noise bottled up will ultimately lead to my insanity, but at least no one has to read it.
PRO-I'm not expected to do anything. Anyone that needs to get ahold of me, OOPS, sorry no phone. Even though I have a new phone, I can ride this excuse out for a few days and just tell people I never heard from them. Phone is broken is an excuse that can't be questioned.2

CON-I'm completely cut off from any news. If we were overtaken by ISIS, unless it happened in my yard, I'd have no idea. Without a phone I forgot the world existed.

CON-Dealing with the phone company. I sat in the ATandT store for 2 hours because I'm not an authorized user. It takes less work to buy a ticket to get on an airplane and fly to another country than it does to give a company money for their product.

CON-I lose all my contacts. It will take a bit to get all my friends back in my phone and there are some people I'll just completely lose contact with.

PRO-I lose all my contacts. Now girls that have wished for years they never gave me their number when I text them at 2am on a Saturday, their wish was granted. They're now a hazy memory to me. Which they were to begin with.

So my message today is, break your phone every so often. It can be a nice vacation from dealing with people. But Just make sure you don't have to go anywhere, call anyone,or access your finances.

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