Thursday, October 27, 2016


SOURCE-In greater Boston, Mort was placed on the Deflategate enemies list alongside the likes of Kravitz and league apparatchik Mike Kensil. “His reputation is shattered,” WEEI’s Kirk Minihane wrote in a typical bazooka blast. Florio said of Pats fans, “I don’t expect them to ever believe anything the guy ever says again.” Mort remained Zen. “He was very calm about all this,” Schefter said. “If that were me, I would have been a basket case.”
Mort’s cool began to melt only when he started to get a number of death threats. “What bothered me is we’re in an era where if your wife goes onto social media, she basically reads that they want you to die,” Mort said. “Even after I got cancer, I got some death wishes.”
This isn't an attack on a sick man. As a human being, I hope Mort is well. But as a reporter, he fucked up. I don't like this spin that Patriots fans went own to the chemo ward and kicked rocks at him. Deflategate started, BECAUSE OF MORT, long before he announced his diagnoses. And maybe this is the fault of the writer, but he used this story as a chance to play the victim. And good for him. If I were in the spot, I'd be rolling out in a wheelchair with a Teddy Roosevelt quilt over my legs, just to shame all the dicks that came after me. But the thing that bothered me was the constant over dramatization of the term death threats.
An asshole, anonymous Twitter egg saying, I'm gonna kill you, is not a legitimate death threat. People don't publicly confess to crimes before they go through with them. What those are, are hyperbolic douchebags with a lot of time on their hans. I have friends and relatives that claim they're gonna kill me every time I speak. And those pussies haven't done a thing yet. The type of maniac that would act out a murder over a football report isn't going to give you a head start.
Patriots fans, me included, reacted harshly to Mort's fuck up. And anyone with a functioning heart felt, at least a little bad the day he announced he had cancer. But normal people laid off at that point. I'm tired of SkankHunt69 being lumped in with regular people. If you use a fake name, your tweets shouldn't be included in a report on CNN. Our society responds to teenagers and creeps on the internet as if it's Walter Cronkite telling us Kennedy was shot.
I'm guilty of it too. Someone will call me a blind fuck or tell me I'm an idiot and I'll actually argue with them. Then I look and realize I'm arguing with someone using Mel Gibson as their Twitter picture with 17 followers. It is a strange world we're living in and a lot of people don't know how to handle it. But there have been 0 cases of @DeeeezNutz following through on beating anyone's ass. Until then, let's relax with worrying about these helf hearted death threats.

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