Monday, October 10, 2016

The 2016 Red Sox. The Most Frustrating Team Of My Lifetime

This team has been one gigantic pain in my ass. Right from the start they had to suck me in. I loved the additions of Price and Kimbrel. I loved that they made the bench very lopsided by plopping Sandoval's ass on it Opening Day. Betts and Bogaerts were the most exciting young guys they've had in years. And I really wanted David Ortiz to go out right. Then they start off a little slow but by the end of May the Mass Pike needed repairs from the bombs they were launching out there. But I forgot the golden rule I learned many years ago. Never go home with hope.
I'll work my way up the list of grievances. First, the inconsistent offense. If this team could've picked and chose where they used their runs, they would've clinched home field in July. There were games I thought the MLB may institute a mercy rule. Then they'd follow that up with a 1-0 loss. They've got 2 MVP candidates, 3 guys with 100 RBI's and 4 All Stars yet there were times where I would've been as productive with runners in scoring position.
Then there was Craig Kimbrel. I've never had the pleasure of a guy so talented, make me so nervous. All in all he didn't have an awful year by any means. But just for my heart, he was difficult to watch. Every time out there's a walk or a couple hits. And god forbid it doesn't fit the exact criteria of a save. In a non-save situation, it's as if on his way out of the bullpen he was told he has to shoot free throws. It's like he doesn't understand what sport he's playing in a tie game.
Then there's the human shrug. Credit to my man Big Jim Murray for nailing this duds essence early on. There is no guy who's considered an ace with less passion or competitive fire. Even when he pitched well he was allergic to leads. The offense would spot him a run, next inning, bomb. Like clockwork. And it truly had to bite my own arm to channel the rage I felt when I listened to this mope speak. His leadership qualities rival that of a chubby, emo high school girl. He has the pizazz of a shoe. Jon Lester would have to give up 34 runs before giving up an out in his next postseason game and Price's playoff ERA would still be worse. Glad we made that trade-off.
Then there's the king of the buffoon's, John Farrell. Every move this idiot made was wrong. Other than Jess Moran, who is only okay by the way, this numbskull hasn't made a smart move since he's been here that wasn't painfully obvious it had to be done. Every in game decision he makes is wrong. Twitter is a wasteland of 2nd guessing but I've never seen such accurate 1st guessing in my life. They've won a World Series and 2 divisions despite this dope. And sadly that will completely neuter John Henry and prevent him from growing a set and finally firing Farrell. The Red Sox did not get swept in the playoffs because of John Farrell. But he did his best to be a big part of it. Putting Brock Holt in the 2 spot, after Bogaerts had been there all year, then pinch hitting for him being the one that annoyed me the most. But everyone has different tastes. Pick your favorite.
The saddest part of all of this was it spoiled David Ortiz's last season. The dog and pony show put on at every park meant nothing to me as a fan. I'm sure it was nice for Ortiz but nothing like a 4th ring would've been. Sadly he was on a team that didn't show a lot of heart for most of the year. There were far too many moments it just felt like a lifeless team. Ortiz deserved better. But it is what it is. To David Ortiz, it's been a pleasure. To everyone else, pull your head out of your asses for 2017. The young talent on this team is too good to waste.

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