Wednesday, October 12, 2016


I wrote a blog the other day saying Trump just isn't fit to be President because of the way he responed to the pussy grabbing video. But the pompous way men are talking about the comments has hit a point of absurdity. Now people are saying no man has ever spoken such filth. That's ridiculous. Judd Appetow tweeted yesterday that he doesn't know any man who has ever talked about women like that, especially on camera. I would suggest he watches a couple of my favorite comedies. Knocked Up and 40 Year Old Virgin. Maybe Who produced those again... I guess Judd forgot the line, She was hurtin' for a squirtin' was uttered in one of his films. And maybe he protested Seth Rogan responding to the line, There's something wrong with her panties, by saying, Yeah they're not in my mouth. I guess Judd didn't sign off on those lines. And since he knows NO MAN who would even think those things, he's never met Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg.
Look, I think Trump sounded like a meathead in that video. But that's what guys are when they're talking shit. We're pigs. I won't vote for Trump because his responses to these controversies has been so awful. I think that will translate poorly as a President. But people get crazy with trying to paint him as a complete maniac. We all know he never said all Mexican's are rapists. Yet it's still reported as fact. And now this poor sap Congressman in the video attached tries to defend context but was too stupid to do it.
The interviewer said I like raping women multiple times in this short clip. How does that not prove there is a context it can be said. This Congressman wasn't the man to articulate the point, but he did have one. Context it everything. And talking shit when you're too dumb to realize your mic is on is one thing. Actions are another. And creating this hypothetical quote that YOU came up with is cheap and unfair. There's plenty of reasons to go after Trump. It's sad the liberal media resorts to misquoting, lying and taking out of context. I don't even really like the guy. But I'm sure they'll force me to defend him again.

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