Thursday, October 13, 2016


This is literally the only thing Brady could've done. If he said anything honest about talk in the locker room, the media would've spun it as Brady is a sexist and supports Trump. The only way Brady gets out of this without any media abuse is if he calls Trump a monster. Because we have two awful candidates for President and you're only allowed to support one. These vultures are DYING for Bray to say anything they can pretend supports Trump so they can continue to paint Tom and the Patriots as an evil organization. H e said nothing and it became a story. Imagine if he told the truth.
Here's an example of a liar. I try not to hate LeBron but every time he speaks, phony bullshit spills out all over the floor. To say women never come up in the locker room is a proven lie. For years women in the media have had difficulty being in sports locker rooms because of the harassment that goes on. Now if you want to say you don't talk about grabbing pussies, that's one thing. Even call Trump an asshole if you want. But get off your fucking high horse LeBron. You're a hairless ass. How dumb do you think we are to believe women never come up when you're dumping champagne on them, grinding up on them after winning a championship. If you want topretend you run a team of choir boys,  control your own locker room you fraud.
Either JR Smith moonlights as a plumber or he loves spreadin' around that dick. Look, this isn't that bad. Actually the girl annoys me more if she posted his private messages. But stop lying LeBron. It obviously comes up when you're talking shit. When public figures try to come off as squeaky clean, it makes it that much worse when their own private shit leaks. Just be honest or say nothing. Don't try to be the moral compass. No one in sports is...Except maybe Tom.

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