Monday, October 31, 2016


Kirk and Callahan's interview with Tim Hasselbeck

The media, as a whole, is terrible. Things are constantly misreported and under-researched constantly, for the sake of being the first to report the story and sensationalizing. I believe that was Tim Hasselbeck's point. Here's where he went wrong. Instead of attacking the reports, he came off as attacking Molly Brown. He seemed offended by the fact that Kirk, Callahan and Mut had the audacity to believe her and the reports that are out there. This idiotic blogger made a point in two sentences that he stuttered and stammered around and was never able to get to.
I may be giving Tim too much credit in thinking that was his point. A lot of the fans seemed to think he was tap dancing around calling Molly Brown a liar. And with the vague, incoherent answers he gave, it's hard to say he wasn't. I do understand that in our PC culture, it's hard for a guy, especially an ESPN employee, to say, hey maybe she's lying. Because even if you have facts to back you up, you'll be portrayed as a sexist victim shaming bully and it will probably cost you your job. But by saying the things in this interview, he basically did say she's lying, while still managing to look like a coward by not being honest or defending his point.
He did nothing to help himself in this interview. He took a side of the argument it's very hard to win with. He did it half assed and without offering any facts we weren't aware of. And he came off as a guy defending his brother's buddy, rather than looking into what really happened. You can't just paint a picture of us buying into a lie and you knowing facts if you're too scared to bring them up. It was basically a high school argument where Kirk and Callahan hit him with facts and Tim basically responded, Oh you think so huh.
It was weird to listen to. And I think the guys did a very good job of not moving on and forcing him to answer things he just wasn't willing to. It will be interesting to see if he gets any heat for it. And I do want to be clear. As awful as I think Tim sounded in this, I'll absolutely defend his right to say it and keep his job. I can't imagine it would get to that level but it's happened to people for similar types of statements, so ya never know. But it was definitely interesting radio. Give it a listen. Link is above if you didn't notice. I like to help out my blind brothers.

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