Friday, November 18, 2016


A travesty went down last night. Mike Trout won the MVP over the best player in baseball in 2016, Mookie Betts . I may have to go Kate Upton on this one. My man has been wronged and I need to stand by him. Any coincidence that a young black man was wronged in Trump's America? I think not. Call in Jackie Chiles. Round up all the hipsters you know that are all cried out over Hillary Clinton and send them down to MLB Headquarters. Finally that racist city of Boston allowed a man of color on the field and this is how he's treated. This isn't the America I want my kids to up cleaning up fin.
Now that I've established I could take Dan Le Batard's job in a heartbeat, I'll admit Mike Trout may eventually go down as the greatest player of all time. And if he played on any less of a disaster than the Angels, he'd have 5 MVP's right now. But that's just the problem. His team stinks. And if you put up Barry Bonds at the peak of his skull expansion type numbers, I'm okay with you winning. But when the numbers are pretty much equal, I give it to the guy who made the playoffs over the guy who finished 20 games back. He made the All Star game as a leadoff hitter and ended the season cleaning up for the greatest DH of All Time. He's the best defensive player in baseball. He had more clutch moments than Trout. He just had more of an impact this year than Trout. It's tough to blame Trout for being on a shit team in a sport where one guy can't carry you. And I watched almost every game Mookie played and almost none of Trout's. And Ortiz definitely took votes away from him. But like my race baiting brethren, I'm not going to let facts cloud my argument. So I hope these privileged, white writers writers will realize the error of their ways. Mookie's the MVP in these weak eyes.

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