Friday, November 11, 2016


As someone who has dealt with actual depression, if you threaten to kill yourself over who is President, please do it. Don't tease us. Wipe yourself off this planet. Because if you're childish enough to, as an adult, break down in tears, threaten suicide and post it to the internet, over a politician winning an election, this world has no time for you. You're a child who has been given everything they want by mommy and daddy and told you're special.
The people crying over Trump winning are exactly why Trump won. People are tired of America needing to be a safe space. And the complete dismissal of people who feel that way is why Trump was able to gain support no matter what ridiculous shit came out of his mouth. People need to stop being so concerned with scolding people who don't use the exact right pronouns, adjectives, prefixes, suffixes, and acronyms, and focus on intent. Have a real discussion with someone and find out what they mean before you label them a racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic monsters.
There are hateful pieces of shit out there. But lumping everyone in who doesn't use the language you prefer as a racist, devalues the word completely. If you voiced your points without breaking down in tears, crying bigotry or demanding firings, people would respect you. Curling up into a ball an saying your safe space is being invaded, just because you saw Vote Trump written on a chalk board makes you look silly.
It's not entirely your fault though, kids. Colleges are not only allowing this silly horseshit, but encouraging it. College students around the country could skip class this week, if they weren't mentally ready to handle the election results. Not because they went to war or saw a head in their freezer. Because a man they didn't vote for won an election. In the end college students are just kids trying to be adults. They think they look smart and progressive and just have the misfortune of growing up in the internet age. The real crime is these colleges enabling them.
It's perfectly valid for people to be pissed Trump won. It's even okay for some people to be a little scared. But acting like a toddler who had their toy taken away, allows no one to respect you. Your opinion will never be heard through the tears and snot bubbles. So splash some water on your face, take a deep breath, and do this.
And Coppola really should've written Act like and adult. I hope this didn't trigger anyone.

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  1. Ridiculous... Grow up. Kids spend way too much time listening to one opinion turning a diverse amount of political ideas into team red and team blue, nothing in between. And shame on these colleges for listening to these kids and doing what they demand. Colleges are supposed to turn students into adults.... Succumbing to everything a student demands no matter how crazy it is means you're just raising 18-22 year old infants.