Tuesday, November 8, 2016


I realize every hippy and stoner has made the argument for legalized weed for decades. But as a resident of Massachusetts, today may be my last chance. So just let me have my fun. The polls that are out there show a landslide victory for recreational weed. The thing I'm still baffled by is, the people that care enough to go out and vote No.
Really a tribute to that guys acting that he was able to pull off that scene while he was diddling kids. But the opposition you usually hear is not against weed itself. It's the gateway drug. mantra. Which I actually agree with. But not in the use of drugs. In the selling. I know plenty of kids who sold weed in high school and college. some of them, whether because of the money, lifestyle or pressure, moved on to sell actual drugs. I don't know anyone that dove right in to selling coke, but I do know a kid or two that went to jail for it. Having weed legalized eliminates all the kids who start selling pot to make a few bucks or just have it around, and prevents them from going down that rabbit hole. I also know drug addicts who are just out of it now. None of their vices were weed. I've seen many kids just out of it because of booze and pills. I've never met a weed addict who couldn't stop smoking if they needed to.
At this point, I'm probably making a straw man argument. Every time this comes up, people say, it's not as bad as booze or cigarettes. And no one in my generation is really against it. But I feel the benefits of it are also worth mentioning. It will bring in tax revenue and you won't have people in jail for a crime 15 year olds commit. There are still people sitting in a jail in Denver for something that's now legal there.
I can't imagine I did much to convince anyone that didn't already have their mind made up. But on a day where we have to decide between the giant douche and shit sandwich, I just couldn't write another Trump blog. So if you're in MA or one of the other states with recreational marijuana on the ballot, vote Yes. Then we can all get too high to care which monster is in office, together.

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