Monday, November 7, 2016


Every election we hear this message of Just Vote. It's entire message seems lazy. It doesn't matter how much effort you put into learning the facts or your passion behind a candidate, just mindlessly vote. It's a motto that should've gone with American Idol voting or the MLB All Star game. Not when selecting the most powerful leader on the planet. Every 4 years that I've been alive, I've heard two things. Like clockwork, people say, This is the most important election this country has ever had, and, Just get out and vote. So no matter your ignorance, just help make a decision on this supposedly really important thing. And none of us really have a say. Call that a defeatist attitude, but the day an election goes one way because I stayed home, I'll start to change my tune.
Both sides admit Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the worst pair of candidates we've ever had. Yet I'm an asshole, not doing my civic duty for not picking one of them. I'm closest to being a libertarian if I had to pick a party. But Gary Johnson is another moron I can't vote for. No one showing up to the polls tomorrow would send a greater message about the system than some pothead stealing a few thousand votes from the two circus freaks we've chosen as candidates.
If you're passionate about one of the candidates, or more likely, passionately against one, go vote. If you feel you know the issues and who you support, have a ball. But the idea that every asshole with an ID should vote is just childish. As a man who interacts with the dregs of society that make up public transportation, I assure you, there are plenty of people that shouldn't have a say tomorrow.
And if you kind of agree with me but still want to feel like you made a difference tomorrow, I have a solution. In the state of Massachusetts, vote Yes on question 4. Once that goes through, we'll all be a little less worked up about this shit.

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