Tuesday, November 29, 2016


We lost the great Patrice O'Neal 5 years ago today. As often happens with artists and entertainers, we appreciate them  more  after they die. But even still, Patrice was part of some of the greatest Opie and Anthony bits and underappreciated stand up that many people still aren't familiar with. So And I've been lazy on the blog since I had a death in my own family. So, since I'm feeling nostalgic, I figured I'd use today to turn some people on to some of Patrice's best shit. Some of these are a long listen so come back to them when you've got a minute.

Bobo Up and Down Game
Greatest laugh ever. Opie and Anthony had this guy Bobo in studio. They discovered that when you describe any sex related activity with a woman, Bobo got hard as a rock. When you started to talk about the Mets, 12 to 6. Talk about a woman again, fully erect, immediately. Patrice's reaction was legendary.

What's a Sport
The debate of what constitutes a sport is almost hack at this point. But Patrice's take on how to make fringe sports into actual sports. His idea to turn things like golf and bowling into real sports is brilliant and I'm surprised a channel like Spike hasn't tried it yet.

Harassment Day
Elephant In The Room was an awesome special. This was probably my favorite bit from that. Something that will probably be taken as sexist in our new world but the brilliance with how he approaches topics like that is so unique.

High Quality White Women
The basic idea of this bit has been done before but that's the genius of guys lie Patrice. No topic is hack or played out if you're able to put an original spin on it. And the balls it took to allow an entire bit to be hinged on the whole crowd not knowing that second woman's name, that alone makes it a classic.

Patrice Speaks For Funny
So about 9 years ago Opie and Anthony got suspended for having a homeless guy in studio who said ridiculous shit. This was right around when Imus got fired and radio suddenly became a forum where you couldn't say anything. Even satellite radio, which started as a free space to say anything, started to police language. Patrice O'Neal came out in their defense. What he did was the most masterful defense of comedy I've ever witnessed. He made a feminist who said rape is never funny, laugh at a rape joke. Tre genius at work.

BONUS-The Day After Patrice Died
If you're a Patrice fan and never listened to this, you should. It's Opie and Anthony the day after Patrice died with Jim Norton, Colin Quinn, Bill Burr, Robert Kelly, Joe Rogen, Amy Schumer Dave Attell and a bunch of others just telling stories. It's how I hope people treat my death. People who loved me but are able to shit on me, remembering me for the shithead I am.

So if you never saw these, I hope you liked them. If you didn't know of Patrice I hope I turned you on to him. And if you read this whole thing and just think I'm a douche, that sound about right.

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