Sunday, November 13, 2016


Rest in Peace Hillary Clinton. I thought her death would've been much bigger news but SNL was the first place I heard about it. Actually that's not true. Miley Cyrus and a few hysterically crying college kids told me, but I didn't believe it. But the official last rights were read on SNL last night.Some think this open was just because she lost the election. That can't be true. SNL has mocked a lot of elections and they always have a funny open about the outcome. So this must be different. Someone must have died. In fact, one death wouldn't warrant this melodramatic wrist cutting session. The only time they've put on this type of AJ Soprano, woe is me act  is after 9/11. Now I don't know if you kids ever heard about 9/11, but it was a rough day. Some might say, it hurt as much as two Hillary losses in one day. Alright, it wasn't that bad, but it was rough. So whatever tragedy was done unto Hillary Clinton, rivaled the worst tragedy in this country's history.
Listen, I didn't vote for anyone. So I don't know what it's like to have my team lose. And I live in MA so you can't blame me. But when did Hillary Clinton become a Goddess that died on the cross for freedom. To get into a bathtub and open a vein over a politician losing an election. I won't even be one of those guys who lists her flaws. This is over the top for anyone. I love my mom but when she dies you won't see me playing piano singing Ave Maria.
SNL has made their political leanings obvious for years. And honestly I'm fine with that. I'd like everyone to trash both sides the way they deserve but that'll never happen. Everyone has their biases. It's one thing to hint at which side you favor. But I remember Romney and McKaine losing. You guys at SNL made fun of them. Plenty voted fr and supported them. I don't remember the episode where they held a candlelight vigil and got on their knees and wept for them. She's a politician. They're very rarely great people and there's plenty of evidence Hillary is even worse than a lot of them. To get under the covers and sob like this childish and sad.
The last line of this disaster is, I haven't given up and neither should you. Ya know, the line motivational speakers give to cancer patients and disaster survivors. It's now applied to someone losing an election. My generation turned on this episode to watch a legend host and see an open bashing Trump. Even Dave Chappelle's monologue felt a little preachy but he was making jokes. The open was just losing sight of what you are. They've gone from a comedy show that comments on the tone of the country, to believing they're campaigning for Democrats and making a difference. Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe a melodramatic, self indulgent song is the way every comedy show should open.They just won't have me watching.


  1. Leonard Cohen passed away this week. He was the man who wrote that song.

    It was a really touching elegy until she had to open her mouth at the last line. Then I realized she was supposed to be Clinton.

    One of my lefty friends said earlier this week. "At least SNL will be funny again"

    Nope you all lost that too.

  2. It was tremendously embarrassing.