Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Further evidence Tom Brady is an innocent man. You don't see Peyton Manning doing Papa John's commercials mocking his sexual assault claims... Alright, they'd really have to shoehorn that in and it probably wouldn't move many pies. But point made. Usually people aren't so quick to make light of something if they're actually guilty. Ok, OJ did write a book called If I Did It. But are all the immediate examples I think of that disprove my point making me any less confident. No sir. And that's the real key. It's not a lie, if you believe it.
Now I obviously don't think Tom Brady is guilty of everything that was claimed. But it's become part of the narrative when people talk about the GOAT. A lot of people would run and hide from this. And based off his interaction with the media, it looked like TB12 mighta been one of those guys. So it's good to see him fuck around like this. Embracing something takes the power away from everyone who wants to attack you for it. So good work as always Tommy. Deny til ya die brother. But keep making fun of yourself.

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