Friday, November 18, 2016


VIDEO-Tim Miller Owes This Guy 10 Grand After Trump Win
First of all, I apologize I couldn't embed this video. Click the link above. I'm blind, get off my ass. So anyways, the gist of this video is that Tim Miller, former supporter of Jeb Bush who railed against Donald Trump's nomination and was so confident Trump would lose that he offered to bet anyone 1,000 bucks. This guy, @Overtongringo on Twitter took him up on it as long as he got 10 to 1 odds. Tim Miller accepted and to show he was serious, this Overtongringo sent Miller a check for the full thousand, post dated two days after the election. The video is very well done and shows that this wasn't just some Twitter argument. It was a legitimate bet. And I don't know how things would've been under Hillar. But in Trump's America, ya pay your debts bitch.

Now I'm not a huge Trump guy, I didn't vote for him. But I'm very much in favor of justice being served in the form of pestering the shit out of people until they do what's right. Typically, Twitter trolls have no purpose and are just annoying. But every once in a great while they find a cause to rally around that can really do some good. So tweet @Timodc and remind him that a bet is a bet. Remind him that in gambling, there is no sure thing. And you never give odds you can't make good on.

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