Monday, November 14, 2016


I am so tired of writing about this shit but it keeps happening. There is an Amber Alert out for comedy. It is nowhere to be found because people have lost their minds. Apparently the election results were a tragedy like this country has never seen. So much so that we can't even joke about it. Thank god for Dave Chappelle saving SNL Saturday or you would've seen mass suicides from the depression that set in after that ridiculous open. Now at a charity event, Wanda Sykes tells an arena full of people to go fuck themselves. The crowd, thinking she was a comedian, expected jokes. Instead they received a scolding. Because we all know the key ingredient to key to comedy is giving the crowd a stern talking to.
The one claim Wanda made that I hear a lot but can't wrap my head around is homophobic. You can argue that Trump is a racist or sexist in whichever direction you'd like. But I don't think he's ever said anything homophobic. But I guess it's just fun to add things on. But look beyond the content of what she said. I'm looking for the humor and I can't find it anywhere. The comedy world has been given a gift like they've never seen with Donald Trump actually being our President. If you can't make that funny, get off the stage. Especially at a charity event. People aren't there to see a sermon. It's not your job as a comic to reprimand people who didn't vote they way you wanted. I'm sick of the whining. George Carlin and Richard Pryor are the greatest ever because they talked about real issues but were able to make it funny. They didn't do it by yelling at the audience.
Now I've heard Nick DiPaolo got some heat as well. If there's video, send it my way but I haven't seen it yet. So I'm just basing this on listening to Nick for years and having seen him live. I would bet good money that the quotes from Nick, included in articles written about this, shouldn't be read in the tone they're framed in. Stand-up doesn't translate to paper. Nick's entire act is saying offensive shit, but making it hilarious. Something that used to be a staple of comedy. But instead, you'll hear Wanda praised for what she said and did, and Nick called a racist, sexist pig. Claims we love throwing around now. It's like when the doctor hits your knee to test your reflexes. We kick out a label of the most horrible shit you can call someone, and that's just what they are now. Without dissecting context or tone.
So in that spirit, I'll give Wanda the benefit of the doubt. We only get the last few seconds of her set in this clip. I don't know what lead to it. But when you hear people call her brave and progressive and label Dipaolo a bigot, ask them if they're doing the same.

PS-I heard Bill Burr got the show back on track and killed. Of course he did. He's the greatest.

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