Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Boy am I happy today. As a Red Sox fan I'm usually bitching about the team or bashing the manager. But today was a great day. I will say, it's sad the Mayor of Ding Dong City, Travis Shaw has been recalled. But they got good value for him. And the big deal I LOVE. Chris Sale is a true ace. Not the David Price, Ace Light we had to drink last year. Sale is a jersey cutting kook who wants to anchor a staff. With Pretty Ricky Porcello coming off a Cy Young, you can push Price back to the 3 starter and the pressure is off that mental midget. I start Porcello on Opening Day but arguing about which Cy Young candidate to start where is a good place to be. The Mets, Cubs and Giants might stand in the way of the Red Sox being the best staff in baseball. But in the on paper, in the American League, no one is close after this move.
The people against this deal love making every prospect out to be the next whoever. My rule is I don't judge these guys until I watch them, which usually isn't until they hit the majors. The two guys you heard about most were Benintendi and Moncada. When Benintendi got here, he immediately proved he can play. When Moncada got here, he fed into the stereotype that the Cuban players that come over are physically beasts but lack the fundamentals and baseball skills. It's becoming hard to trust a lot of the Cuban born guys. You can twist that into a Donald Trump statement if you'd like, but the evidence is there. It's not a giant sample size but I hate to remind people of what the Red Sox thought Rousney Castillo would be.
Now, I'm purposely being unfair to the kid to prove my point. Moncada was barely up here and didn't have a real defined role when he was. He could end up being great. But I've learned something a lot of baseball fans refuse to acknowledge. The guys you can't miss prospects, usually can miss. From Craig Hanson to Ryan Kalish to Ryan Lavarnway, Garin Cechini, Daniel Bard, Will Middlebrooks, Ruby De La Rosa and on and on. Maybe it's just my weak peepers but you can't find those guys anywhere. All of whom were once can't miss guys. There are many others whose names I couldn't think of. That should tell you all you need to know about them. Chris Sale is an ace. A superstar that will absolutely help the Red Sox win in the playoffs. I don't mind giving up on the dream of a prospect to get that guy here.

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