Monday, December 12, 2016


A lot of Patriots fans are looking for blood today. They want the Steelers punished as harshly as the Patriots were for deflated footballs. They want Roethlesberger persecuted, the way the GOAT was. They want a full scale investigation that results in the tarnishing of a franchise and their quarterback, no matter how undeserved it may be. I don't want any of that. I feel that Tom Brady was a martyr for this cause. He accepted the incredible wrong that was done unto him, so no man would have to suffer the same fate. All I want is this. I want the media and the league to get down on their knees, like the filthy whores they are, and admit we were right.
We nailed it Patriots fans. For almost two years we've been called self obsessed, cocky, egomaniacs with an inferiority complex. All because we made one simple point. Deflategate never would've happened with any other team. We heard clowns like Bart Hubbach tell us to just sit back and take it. No oe is out to get us. The league was just doing it's job. But when another historic franchise breaks the exact same rule, it's barely a story an hour later.
A rational thinker would think the media has two options. Go after the Steelers with the same passion with which they went after the Patriots. Have Mark Brunell weep on camera talking about deflated footballs. Have Bill Polian tell us it's a worse offense than steroid use. Line up the idiots who cheered on Goodell for suspending Brady, and have them demand the same of Big Ben. Or your other option. Admit entities like ESPN have never been interested in journalistic integrity. But instead are out to sensationalize what should be non-stories in the interest of grabbing ratings and pushing the agenda of their daddy, the NFL.
The easiest part about meeting my request is, we all already know this. No one thinks the media has any interest in reporting actual news. We live in a world where stories about reality TV stars make headlines on CNN. But as any addict will tell you the first step is admitting you have a problem. So get this monkey off your back. Stop living the lie that ESPN is out to report accurate news and Roger Goodell just has the best interest of the league at heart. The truth will set you free kids. It's okay to gang up against the cool kids. Just admit it's what you're doing.

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