Wednesday, January 25, 2017


If you don't know who Dan Le Batard is it's because you probably only watch entertaining televisio4n. But if you find yourself contemplating sawing your ears off around 4pm, you've likely accidentally stumbled onto the Dan Le Batard Show on ESPN. During which, Dan and his race baiting buddy, Bomani Jones, search high and low for someone to call a racist. Meanwhile, Le Batard's Cuban father, who barely speaks English, is sat in the corner in a silly hat, as a prop. Le Batard also allegedly does a national radio show. Although, looking through the top 40 rated stations in Boston, I found no evidence of this vicious rumor.
Dan's latest attempt at Social Justice glory is suggesting that the Patriots are somehow racist because their top receivers are white. Dan and Bomani have taken up the cause that Boston is a racist city, ever since Gordon Hayward was cheered by Celtics fans. Kirk Minihane and Gerry Callahan of WEEI's Kirk and Callahan show in Boston called them out for this. They've invited Dan and Bomani on their show numerous times and were ignored. Kirk called Bomani's show and was hung up on. So after accusing one of the biggest markets in the country of widespread racism, they've pretended they don't exist.
Now, I'm all for lies. There's nothing better to get you out of a jam or stir up a buzz for your show no one watches. But the key to a good lie is sticking to it. You can't just make a blanket statemet about a large group of people, based on previous judgements, and ignore anyone with a different opinion. It's escaping me, but there's a name for people like that. And I'm all for this type of show being on the air. Because, despite its idiocy, it reflects a segment of the population. The problem is the opposite would never be allowed on ESPN. Two conservative white guys would never be allowed to give their views on race, for an hour, or even a minute a day. We've allowed race baiting to become a money maker in this country. You're allowed to call, particularly white men, racists with impunity. And no matter that persons true beliefs, they've been branded a bigot in the eyes of the public.
I'd have a lot more respect for guys like Le Batard if they responded to their critics. But when you have no substance to your claims, they become difficult to defend. He knows a show like Kirk and Callahan would leave him naked and neutered. And with Dan's physique, that's not a good look. Which leaves me with one request of ESPN. Either put on a show that doesn't fit the exact cookie cutter, liberal, PC views that's usually seen on ESPN. Or force your people to defend their claims, when they accuse people of being a hateful, exclusionary bunch. Without that, you're just a joke.

Friday, January 13, 2017


It's become a career path for people in the media. Making outlandish claims with no research or evidence behind it, used to be an embarrassment in journalism. But it's now a widely accepted tool to grab attention, and more importantly, clicks. And I guess that's what I'm doing too. Using a hot story to get people to take in my nonsense. The difference is, I give my actual opinions, which is silly. I should be calling people racists, cheaters, liars and bigots. Not because I want ustice in society. But I want some of the attention too.
Whether it be a false report about inflated balls, a misleading headline about oppressing black quarterbacks, or flat out calling Boston a racist city, the Patriots have dealt with their share of trolls. But that shit got boring. Old news, we're racists, big whoop. Now there's something far worse than being a racist. Trump supporters are now the scum of the Earth. Let me rephrase that. Trump supporters, or just people who don't demand his decapitation are the scum of the Earth. And if you don't get under the covers and sob along with the liberal media, you're part of the prefined popularity in New England, Charlotte claims people are jumping ship. She claims that Brady and Belichick's silent endorsement of Donald Trump means fans are hopping off the bandwagon. Ignore the attendance, ratings and media coverage. One of the hens in Charlotte's sewing circle doesn't like Tom Brady anymore. No further research required.
I don't blame Charlotte Wilder for this idiotic article. It's a great career. Bomani Jones and Dan LeBetard will tell you it's a lucrative business. My problem is, she got weak. You can't write such a purposely misleading title and not catch some shit. You're not getting mean tweets because you're a woman. It's because you were being a dick. When men are being dicks on Twitter, they get called every name in the book. If you don't believe me, I suggest you talk to my friend Bart Hubbach. If you wanna be treated like one of the boys, you have to accept all of it. And believe me, men are just as bad. Grown men whining about getting called a douchebag on Twitter is equally embarrassing. They ust don't have the crutch of saying it's because they're a woman. So Charlotte, keep tolling for clicks. I respect the hustle. Put Patriots fans are tired of the media lying about them and their team. Regardless of their genitals. Charlotte Wilder's article

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


This is an SNL skit, for sure. I refuse to believe otherwise. It's got all the elements of a groveling apology and none of the need for it. As a student of fake apologies and phony outrage, I'll breakdown just how insulting this is to everyone involved.
First, the idea that an apology is needed at all. Jenna Bush isn't a lifelong broadcaster. She's hosting her first red carpet on national, live TV. And she's George Bush's daughter. A gaff that easy to make is a solid days work in that family. She isn't Walter Cronkite. She came out of an old rich guy from Texas. We're lucky she didn't drop a different F word or mistake Figures with something much closer.
Now for the apology. If you NEED to do it, maybe tweet, hey I made a mistake. Whoops. The idea that you need to sit down on the Today show and explain mixing up two words should seem silly to all of us. And this one had all the elements. She starts by casually mentioning how much she loves Pharrell and Viola Davis. Like, hey before we get started, shoutout to a couple black people. And for Jenna, this is a risky move. She could mispronounce Pharrell or call Viola Davis Kerry Washington and then we're right back where we started. And of course, her level of sorry has to be the same as if she mowed down a family with her car. You can't be mildly sorry. You can't assume people didn't really care or even notice the mistake. You have to be profoundly sorry and BEG that someday, MAYBE people will be able to forgive and move on.
Now, the 3rd element is very subtle, but important. It's critical that a black person be there to accept your apology. And there's no one the black community turns to on these issues, more than chubby weathermen. But I do have to give Al Roker credit. He realized this woman wasn't in black face, putting on a minstrel show. Al knows it was a dumb mistake that anyone could make, especially on live TV. But as usual, the guilty white higher ups panicked and needed to put on a show.
Isn't it obvious Jenna Bush isn't a racist. Or maybe she is, but this error doesn't prove it. And pointing out that Hidden Figures and Fences are the two movies with largely black casts, is really no different than Jenna mixing up the titles. No one was offended by it. But the PC Mafia needed to take another hostage and have them read their ransom note on camera. Recognizing that Jenna Bush made a simple mistake and comparing her to 1946 racists, is needed from no one and just hold us back. But, nevertheless, that was our first groveling apology of 2017. Here's to many more.

Thursday, January 5, 2017


First of all, when will you crazy kids learn to commit your hate crimes in the privacy of your own home. When you're harassing a mentally challenged man in the name of non-white, anti-Trump people, just keep it off Facebook. Now anyone with my eyesight or better can see that this is wrong. I'm not here to point out it's wrong to beat up a handicapped man in the name of race and politics. That one's on your parents to teach you. I just wanted to point out the horrible hypocrisy of the media. These idiot kids had no problem being overtly racist and hateful, to the point where they broadcast it. But the guilty, white, phonies in the media continue to coddle people that they look down at and pretend to champion.
Imagine how many times we would have to watch this video if the roles were reversed. If a group of white, over 18 adults, were torturing a mentally handicapped black kid, this video would be on a loop on every news station, to the point we'd be able to sing along. But instead it's listed on behind a story about MyPillow having a sale. And CNN has to make sure we know they were targeting the kid because he's mentally disabled, not because he's white. Because that's a lot more comforting. You don't hear the same fun phrases that are put on these Trump supporters committing hate crimes, that turn out to be fake stories. Maybe these kids were just blacksplaining their point to this gentleman. But watch when a story comes out about a Trump supporter committing a hate crim, the pandering white cowards in the media will spend a full day on it. Then the next day, remember that story we reported yesterday. Well after 24 hours of coverage we figured we should take 24 seconds to mention it was made up. Whoops.
Now I'm just some asshole who gets a few people to read his inane ranting and does a mediocre ob at doing so. So I know I'm not the guy who's going to enact some great change. And I'm tired of screaming about these stories to an empty room. But the more dummies like me that point out the medias obvious bullshit, the closer we'll be to changing it. Hahaha, I say crazy things sometimes.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


I went through a real series of emotions watching the Always Sunny season premiere. When I learned it was about the gang having to live as black people, I expected it to be epic. Then when they broke into song and I realized it would be a musical, I got douche chills. But, I should've been smart enough to know said douche chills should be saved for your typical CBS sitcom. Not one that's crushed it for 12 years.
I would've preferred a non-musical episode, just to get a stronger point across. But as Sunny has done with any social issue they've tackled, they do a brilliant job of showing both sides of an argument. We've seen too often these days, with shows like SNL and the Daily Show, shows have to shove their politics down your throat. But you cut off comedy at the knees when you alienate half your audience with your  political beliefs. Shows like South Park and Always Sunny do a great job of reminding us that everyone who leans too far to one side on any issue is a dope and still manage to keep it funny.
As far as Sunny episodes go, it wasn't an all time favorite. The only huge laugh I had came near the end. But overall it was funny and they tackled issues that have been a huge talking point in this country over the last couple years in particular. I was a little disappointed they didn't actually go black face, in the way Robert Downey Jr. did in Tropic Thunder, but I'm sure they just felt like sending their message without getting the PC Police up their asses. Even without that, it's a ballsy issue to take on now, because everyone wants an honest discussion about race until someone actually presents one.